New Years are New Beginnings

I haven't been able to sit down long enough to be quiet so I could write on my blog.  After my last entry, days have been filled with shopping, family get togethers, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, packing, tugging along suitcases, enjoying Taiwan, preparing my song for my grand aunt's 8oth birthday celebration and more.  Gasp...yes it was that hectic and busy!

The house is quieter now and so is my mind.  I breathe inwardly-- a deep breath that makes me introspect on my experiences the past week.  I love the stillness for here I could stop doing and just be.  And it gives me an inner peace.

Tonight I just bask in this space of gratitude.  In this place, I smile with joy for now I see that new years are new beginnings.  And I am so excited because I see how I have been growing and healing and most especially, how I am loving myself more.  I could feel my hormones in eager anticipation for my life to unfold beautifully right before my eyes.  Plans are laid out.  Wonderful dreams and hopes visualized daily.  Who could not help but be excited?

I am ready.

I am open and available for abundance to manifest in all aspects of my life.

I am choosing joy each day.

I am grateful.

I am excited!

Happy New Year to you my dear friend and reader.  May you continue to choose the path to that which brings you meaning and joy and love.

Michelle Simtoco
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