Things That Bring Me Joy!

What Gives You Joy?

Answer:  Changing Seasons

The things that bring me joy are the simple things that come with the dawning of each new moment. It is the wind and the water, the sunlight and the fresh air, the sunrises and sunsets and all of nature with her different seasons that bring with it different joys.

The simple joys are everywhere as seen in the falling autumn leaves on this beautiful autumn day. Dressed in her splendor of color she reflects on top of the water. I come here often for the simple beauty, quiet reflection, where joy can find her way and spring forth without much effort. She never feels the need to rush nor does she charge me for her time.

To everything there is a Season and everything is made beautiful in its time.

There is a Winter season. A time when your roots grow. There is no harvest now!

There is a Spring season. It is a time for planting. There is no harvest now!

There is a Summer season. It is a time for great activity and growth. There is a minimal harvest now!

Finally comes the joy of Autumn. This is life’s harvest time!

So whatever the occasion may be, the changing of the Season is always a joy for me!

With Love, Light and Joy,

Dottie Dillon

Dottie is a wonderful hubber who writes for HubPages. Read her profile here.

She also has a website called Grow with Spiritual Discoveries
that empowers you to live a life with authentic happiness and spiritual serenity.

Michelle Simtoco

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  1. Thank you soo much Michelle (my dear taurean sis) for all the joy you have brought me. I appreciate our friendship even if it is shared across the miles! (Who knows, some day...)~Dottie~

  2. Who knows someday we would really get to see each other face to face? Wouldn't that be fun and exciting? I sure bet it would.

    Michelle :)

  3. You know is within reach.....and it all begins with a single what do you think about that? Sounds very fun and exciting to me too!

    Dottie :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes and Dottie! LOL

    Michelle :)


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