To Find Happiness You Have to Be Open

Another secret to be happy or to find happiness is to be open. Open to possibilities, open to opportunities, open to people, open to events, open to see and hear new perspectives, open to love and open to happiness.

When Daisy (my Loving Abundance partner and friend) announced let's have a video shoot, I looked at her, frowned and frowned some more (if that were possible.) I double frowned because she wanted to do everything without planning.

"No planning?" I said aghast. "I don't want to look like an idiot", I declared, hands on hips.

She laughed insisting, "But this is an exercise. We can't plan it. The more natural you are, the more real it is. And that's the whole point."

I huffed and puffed and tried to make a lot of excuses. This girl was not taking no for an answer. So I grudgingly agreed.

Well, it turned out pretty well. Read my sharing and watch the video that we made by clicking this link: Openness in Manifesting Abundance with Endless Possibilities

I confess that when the ground I am walking on is something that scares me, I tend to withdraw and run away. I confess that being open is frightening at times because it makes me feel vulnerable and somehow naked. You don't want to be naked with people! What if they would hate you or laugh at you.

One lesson I've learned though is that the people who really love you do not laugh at you but laugh with you. They accept you and allow you to make mistakes. They support and challenge you to become a better person.

And so you learn to relax a little and open up a bit. And you allow goodness in. And then you open some more and more good comes in. And you open up more and more and more good things comes your way.

It just keeps on going.

But it all started with being open you know.

Be open and allow happiness in.

Be open to accept a smile, a word of kindness, a helping hand.

Be open to allow people to help you.

Be open to accept compliments.

Be open to accept love expressed in various ways.

Another secret to be happy and to find happiness is to be open. And then the possibilities are endless.

Michelle Simtoco

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  1. Michelle,
    Straight forward, come follow my blog, Handcrafted Jewelry USA. I am going to give up all other blogs and put my creative energy there. Would love to have you follow me. you are such an inspiration.
    Best Regards, C.S. Alexis


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