Happy and Thankful that Christmas Time is Here

I love the Christmas season because it brings me to a really feeling good place.  A place of love and hope and peace.  There were many Christmas moments when I was sad and blue but the Christmas spirit seemed to soothe me in ways that I could never even begin to describe.

Anyway, tonight I was on the search mode!  The kids will be having their Christmas party in school this coming Friday.  And we decided to do a front act -- a dance number--right before the Christmas play would begin.  So I found myself browsing through youtube looking for some dance steps so our choreography session would progress faster.  And lo and behold, I came upon this cute video of a Liturgical Dance performed by Steps of Faith at the 2008 Nativity Ballet. This dance is to Michael W. Smith's Christmas Classic "Christmastime". Learn more about Steps of Faith at their website: http://www.steps-of-faith.com/

I enjoyed this so much and the music is so wonderful.  The kids are just so adorable too.  I am thankful that this brought me to a really feeling good place all over again.  And feeling good makes me connect with Christmas.  And I find that to be a beautiful experience.

Okay, so I tried some of these ballet steps..will see if these moves can be modified to fit our dance.  After this, I will have to go back and look for more dance steps.

So happy and thankful that Christmas time is here!

Michelle Simtoco
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