Michelle Simtoco loves being a Ripplemaker! 

Hi!  This blog has been undergoing several makeovers for some time now.  I started with a certain concept, discarded it, started with another one, rejected it after awhile. I've written posts and deleted them.  Gosh, it just dawned on me in a big way that all of this has been a reflection of my personal journey.  You know, a time when I was lost, trying to discover who I really am and yearning to find meaning and purpose in my life.  Guess what?  I am so thankful to say that this journey has been a beautiful one, with all its pains and tears mixed with love, joy and hope. 

Has the journey ended? Definitely not...in fact, it is just beginning!  And this time, I am happy to say that it comes from a place of gratitude, thankfulness, and gratefulness.  Thus a new day is born...a new me...a new blog with a new concept.    

If you have arrived in this blog, I trust that you have been brought here for a purpose and a reason.  Yes, I believe in happy coincidences which a lot of us call miracles.

Why the name ripplemaker? 

I have been drawn to the name ripplemaker since I read the book "Embraced By the Light."  It tugged my heart and touched me deeply.  That started me off in the discovery of my purpose and my passion in life.

You see, years and years ago, I used to wake up feeling as if the world will produce another set of problems on a daily basis. I can hear you groaning. Sounds familiar? Me too. I heard myself groan for the longest time. I wanted to run away into a remote village and hide from these problems. Most especially from those stuff that made me cry inside.  I hated those tears.  It got so worse to the point that any little thing would trigger those tears!  Just like that.

I got fed up.  One day, I was crying in bed when the thought just came to me.  "Why am I crying again?"  Suddenly, I just realized it was silly and crazy and getting out of hand.  I wanted my life back.  I wanted to step out from this hurting place and move on to a place of joy.  I wanted to forgive those people who have hurt me.  I wanted to stop pitying myself and make the lonely feelings go away.  So I said really loud, "I'm not going to be sad anymore.  I am not going to be crying all the time.  I am going to be happy."

The tears stopped.  I asked God for a big, big hug and I slept like a baby that night.  That was my turning point.  And I found myself embarking the road to happiness.  I realized that it was my choice.  I was no longer a victim to circumstances.  I had the power to choose.     

Thus, Ripplemaker Michelle was born as a writer on Hubpages.  A ripplemaker realizes that every thought, word or deed can make a great impact on something or someone.  And you can give a smile or speak your truth or write or sing or play or cook or do gardening or take care of your baby and make a bit of difference.  I realized that I always have a choice--whether to act and respond in love or with anger or hate. Am I always successful?  Nah, I fail too.  Many times.  And yet, I get up and try again.  Through it all, I learned to forgive myself and love myself anyway for all of my imperfections and celebrate the goodness within me.

Do you know you can be a ripplemaker too?  Or maybe you already are.  Let's hold hands and skip joyfully down the winding road where each moment lived is a precious gift from God. And be deeply thankful.

A Friendly Warning:
There's plenty of pixie dust floating around here. It's full of love and happiness and highly, highly contagious so it warmly entices you to come back for more. Let's start a thankfulness epidemic! C'mon... what are you waiting for?  And hey, do take care of you. :D

Love, laughter and light,

Michelle Simtoco
Proud to be a Ripplemaker

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