Happy Thoughts Create A Happy Feeling

Did you know that happy thoughts create happy feelings? 

This is another secret to happiness. 

Think happy thoughts. 

Why don't you snuggle in bed, close your eyes and transport yourself to moments in your life that made you happy.  Smile.  Laugh at it.  Allow yourself to be affected by your memories.  Allow your feel good hormones to burst forth and tingle all over your body.

My birthday is nearing.  And my thoughts went back to the times in my life when I celebrated my birthday.  Aaaah, how my boyfriend surprised with a gift that he painstakingly shopped for.  The surprise birthday greeting in my room at midnight when my classmates came into my room bringing candles.  I woke up and thought somebody had died, my eyes still blurry from sleep.  The birthday that I celebrated with my best friend with her personalized gifts, the story book which was my favorite.  Or the time my spiritual partner surprised me with a photo of God, me and her.  I still have this photo in my room now.  Looking at this frame makes me feel special all over.  I could feel so much love from God too. 

I smile and giggle at some of these memories and excitedly plan for my birthday this coming May.  Maybe something simple and nice and fun.  Hmmmm...let me think about that one. 

But how are you feeling now? 

Happy thoughts create  happy feelings.  So keep thinking those happy thoughts and chase the blues away.

Michelle Simtoco
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