To Find Happiness Sometimes You Have to Let Your Hair Down

To find happiness sometimes you just have to let your hair down. My nephew comes in with a worried look. And I ask him why. He says he doesn't want to enter the competition. What competition? The Math competition. I poked and asked until he finally said that he didn't like to lose.

Aaah, there! It's just a game. Just have fun. I said. But when the words left my mouth, it suddenly dawned on me that sometimes it's hard to have fun when the pressure is on. The expectations, the feelings that come out when you don't win, it really bugs us down. We want to play and have fun but we find ourselves trapped amidst our judgments and criticisms.

So here I am pondering why I said yes to the Hubchallenge. The challenge is to write 30 hubs or articles for the next 30 days. Can I really do that? I have a daytime job and so I only have nights to write and research. You see, I've been part of Hubpages for two years now. And Ryan Hupfer, HubPages Communicator of Awesomeness, has recently said YES to a Hub Challenge Vs. Courtney Tuttle of Keyword Academy. 100 hubs in 30 Days! Or if you find that toxic you can take the other challenge 30 Hubs in 30 days! 

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Read more about it by clicking here: HubChallenge

To a writer, this is exciting. It's also a wonderful way to experiment if your google adsense earnings will increase by writing one hub or article a day.

Reasons why I'm taking up the challenge:
1. The chance to earn
2. Exercise my writing skills
3. See if I can juggle my time and manage it wisely
4. Observe how I will be reacting to the competition
5. I aim to find my happiness in this endeavor by doing something out of fun than fear of losing the competition

I'm letting my hair down on this one as I find happiness in writing and researching and sharing inspirational stories and stuff. There are days when one just has to stop being scared of taking a leap and have fun instead.

I'm going to do that.

Michelle Simtoco
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  1. 30 Hubs in 30 Days, Michelle? Are you sure that you can do it??? :)

    This is going to be so tiring, but SO much fun -- I'm so glad that you've decided to take the challenge. Be sure to keep us all updated and thanks for the post!

  2. Its gonna be fun! As I have a foot in both camps being a member of Court's Keyword Academy and a long-long time hubber - I get to win either way!

  3. Not sure I could write a hub every day because I am writing on the examiner to, working two part time jobs, and making arts and crafts for my blogs. Last night I did write a new hub though, and I revamped one of my old ones. I commend you for participating in the thirty day challenge!

  4. Hi Hup! I am going to do it! LOL By hook or by crook. The internet connection is really slow due to system restorations and it's mighty hard being extra patient.

    Hi Lissie! I know you will have no problems with writing. The challenge you made with yourself is way different from mine. I'm just going to get through the 30 hubs and pray for a miracle. Hahaha

    Hi Jewel, it is my first attempt to do so. I feel this is easier though because the topics is still of my own choosing. :-) Thanks for the support. Yes, I need all of that...



  5. Hi there Ripplemaker - I'm in !

    Julie (aka Iphigenia) from HubPages here - joining you in the Hub Challenge - I also have a blogger/blogspot blog called 'I Hub on Hub Pages' - why not join me over there ?:

  6. Alright! That is cool. On my way to visit your blog Julie!


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